About Us

General information

My clinic uses the Oriental Medicine and acupuncture system for healthcare in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is a system that has been used continuously for thousands of years and treats more patients than any other medical system. Once you make an appointment for a health screening, you will then be provided with options on your health care. These options will include either acupuncture, herbal medicines, and Tuina medical massage. Every patient gets free advice on food and nutrition, meditation and relaxation/breathing, and fitness/exercise. All treatments are customized to you and your conditions based on the medical diagnosis. The cost of the health screening is $50, and follow-up treatments can range from $30 – $90 depending on the services rendered.

The company

I formed Kramer Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in 1997 in Chapel Hill North Carolina and then moved the practice to Raleigh a few years later. I decided on opening this health care practice because I saw many people remaining ill and I knew there were ways in which a person can heal if given the right tools to do so. I found Oriental medicine as being a complete healthcare system in allowing health to flourish. So, this system addresses more of achieving good health than in just managing illness. My history as a biologist showed me the anatomical side while oriental medicine shows me the functional side of life. I remain eager in using my experience as an athlete, nutrition consultant, and healthcare provider in personally helping people get well, and teaching them how to remain healthy and well for their future.